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Create and send professional emails using our drag and drop editor, or code your own HTML email from scratch!

Available for Mac, iPad and iPhone
Free Trial for Mac
HTML Mailer instantly generates rich email designs into HTML to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in emails that are not available with plain text.
Integrated mailing lists
Build and save multiple TO, CC and BCC mailing lists by selecting directly from the Address Book or by importing comma delimited email lists
Code editor (Mac edition only)
This feature is added just for those tech savvy folks! Other than designing using the intuitive drag and drop interface, you may also choose to write your own HTML email code from scratch (this feature is only available in HTML Mailer for Mac)
Beautiful templates
Start from a blank canvas or choose from any one of the professionally designed templates
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HTML Mail sends the entire mail message with rich HTML formatting. This is a technology frequently used to send professional marketing newsletters, party invitations and special occasion greetings.

Most but not all email clients support HTML mail. Although result may differ with different formatting, HTML Mail has been tested to render relatively well with mail clients such as Mail on iPhone and iPad, MS Outlook, Android, Thunderbird and Mail on Mac.

Known clients that sometimes struggle with HTML mails include the web version of Gmail and the web version of Yahoo! Mail.
You can build TO, CC and BCC mailing lists by selecting directly from the Address Book or by importing comma delimited email lists.
HTML Mailer is available for both iOS and Mac.

For users with both editions, you can easily sync and edit your mail designs using multiple devices.

Syncing your design is easy and quick, with one tap of a button on your iPhone and iPad. Please see embedded video demo.

Mac Users: please note the Mac Edition of HTML Mailer allows for direct code editing as well as drag and drop editing. Mails created using the Code Editor are not synced. Sync is available only for "hmail" documents created using the drag and drop mail designer.
HTML Mailer supports a beautiful set of web fonts. Unless you have a specific font requirement, we always prefer choosing web fonts over regular fonts. This is because most modern mail clients support web fonts, which means your email design will look consistent across different email clients. If on the other hand, you choose a font that's not commonly available, mail clients may replace your original font style with a different font.

Design and update on both desktop and mobile devices

Available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

HTML Mailer allows you to create and update your email designs everywhere you go.
Sync your designs with Dropbox (directly integrated in the iOS edition)

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Awesome Mails Pro 2 for Mac
New Features in Awesome Mails Pro 2:
- 100+ improvements with the following new key features:
* Completely redesigned drag and drop interface, now more intuitive than ever!
* Design with all new objects: star shapes, polygon shapes, triangles, arrows, lines, and table grids
* Image shapes: easily convert photos into beautiful image shapes
* New mail templates
* New colors: design with over 500 gorgeous colors
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Dragon Responsive Email Designer

Beautiful emails for any device
Intuitive drag and drop designer with zero coding, fabulous responsive emails made simple.

Made exclusively for Mac .
Requires Mac OS 10.9 and up.
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