What is HTML Mailer?
A powerful newsletter and marketing email designer, HTML Mailer helps you create professional HTML emails without needing to write any code. This App is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and Mac.

Create and send emails with stylish fonts, web hyper links and photos
- hyper link text boxes and photos in your mail to websites
- make a bigger impact by adding shapes and photos to your emails
- select from 17 beautiful fonts and over 200 font sizes
- choose from over 100 gorgeous colors and shades

Zero coding, easy to use drag and drop designer
- instantly generates rich email designs into HTML to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in emails that are not available with plain text
- make a bigger impact by adding images and web hyper links into your emails
- feature packed editing tools including support for undo, redo, text alignment, grids, multiple layers and free form arrangement

Build and save mailing list
- build to, cc and bcc mailing lists by selecting directly from the Address Book or by importing comma delimited email lists

Save, update and reuse
- save your customized email designs or make copies of your work so you can increase your productivity by creating once, update and reuse!

Professional email templates
- start from a blank canvas or choose from any one of the professionally designed templates

Use it on your iOS devices and your Mac!
- the iOS edition is compatible with the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch, single purchase allows install onto all your compatible devices! The Mac edition is sold separately on the Mac App Store.

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