What are the differences between the Awesome Mails App and HTML Mailer?
Quick Summary

Awesome Mails
- compatible with the iPad, iPad mini and Mac
- generates emails with "image maps", compatible with most modern email clients
- uses photos and text boxes in email designs

iOS Edition

Mac Edition

HTML Mailer
- compatible with the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac
- generates emails with true HTML markups, compatibility with mail clients vary depending on level of mail client HTML code rendering support
- uses photos, text box and HTML Snippets in email design

iOS Edition

Mac Edition

More details:

The Awesome Mails App generates "photo" mails, they are essentially images enhanced by HTML based image maps with hyper link-able spots. This is a popular technique used by marketing newsletters to enable professionally formatted emails to be sent with clickable links. Awesome Mails HD is compatible with the iPad an iPad mini.

The HTML Mailer App generates mail contents with 100% HTML markup syntax. Similar to Awesome Mails, you may add font formatting, photos as well as hyper links to the email.

While emails from both Apps are compatible with most mail clients. Awesome Mails has shown to have better compatibility with the web version of GMail and Yahoo! Mail.

Emails where you expect the recipients to copy and paste portions of the text content should be sent using HTML Mailer.

Both iOS Apps are available on the App Store.

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